Our Stories

Go behind the magic of Winterfeast to meet the people who are making it happen.  Our passionate chefs, brewers, distillers, tour guides, farmer and all-round foodies are plating up the 10-day food festival.

Find out what gets them up each morning and keeps driving them to make Bundaberg North Burnett the place that we call home.

2017 Winterfeast Stories

supp-2-water-st-kitchen-reducedLove Brought Us Here

When love brought acclaimed Gold Coast chef Alex to sweetheart Jen’s home town of Bundaberg, it seemed only natural that they take their shared love for entertaining and combine it with the abundant regional produce on offer, creating a space, now endearingly known as ‘Water Street Kitchen’, to share and celebrate incredible food and wine.

Meet Alex and Jen, the chef and cafe owners behind Breakfast at the Table, Dinner at the Table and The Long Lunch at The Table.

supp1-bargara-brewing-reducedBig Beer and Big Picture

It’s all beer bellies and belly laughs for visitors at Bargara Brewing Co., but owners Jack and Jacinta Milbank have their sights set on a much bigger picture.

Meet Jack and Jacinta, the brains behind the boutique beer company taking over the world from its homebase in Bundaberg, and Winterfeast events Backstage Pass @ The Brewhouse and Brewfeast 2017.

hero-sarah-bdc-reducedThe Science Behind Australia’s Favourite Rum

Sarah Watson is the Heston Blumenthal of Bundaberg Rum. The brains behind the premier golden liquids taking the world by storm, from a Masters degree in science to crafting rums that have collected international accolades like the World Rum Awards Best Dark Rum 2017, World’s Best Gold Rum 2016 and San Francisco Spirit Competition Gold Medal 2017, she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Meet Sarah Watson, one of the team bringing you Cocktails at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery

hero-artisan-food-tourBundy Food Tours: From Flickering Flame to Burning Furnace

Flashback to 1992, a young woman explores the cobblestone streets of Paris, the smell of fresh croissants wafts through the air and café goers spill out onto the sidewalk happily watching the world go by, a flame of passion begins to flicker. Now, 25 years later, that small flickering flame has turned into a furnace as Suzie’s Bundy Food Tours have become one of the most popular new tours in the Bundaberg North Burnett.

Meet Suzie, the driving force behind the Artisan Food Tour by Bundy Food Tours

Riverfeast: The Future Of Alfresco Dining

Break down the walls, build a ladder, find a different path but don’t give up. These days starting a small business is wrapped with red tape making your dreams seem out of reach. Business owners jump through hoops as if they are auditioning for the circus and obstacles seem to be around every corner. Greg and Karen, owners and operators of Riverfeast Bundaberg, have faced all these obstacles, conquering them as if they were running the tough mudder course.

Meet Karen and Greg, who are bringing you the Chili and Lime Fiesta @ Riverfeast

434winterfeastGrapes From My Grandparents

“I made my first wine with my grandfather when I was 9 years old,” recalls Terry, or ‘Terranzo the Winemaker’, as he is more affectionately known. He crushed the grapes by hand, the purple-red juices on his hands, up his arms and onto his clothes, “it was pretty rough, but it was ours.”

Meet Terry and Mary Byrne, the winemakers behind Tastings on the Terrace.