A 10 day food festival, bursting
with authentic farm gate to plate experiences in the Bundaberg,
North Burnett Region Queensland.
Meadowvale Mushrooms at 1299 Moore Park Road

1299 Moore Park Road | Bundaberg, Queensland, 4670

From Bundaberg drive along the Bundaberg Gin Gin road and after a small industrial estate, turn right onto Moore Park Road.

Many of these farm gates are on the right hand side, so if you don’t feel comfortable stopping and if you miss one don’t worry! When you turn around you will have another chance to grab a delicious, fresh bargain.

At 1299 Moore Park Road you will find Meadowvale Mushroom Farm, they sell $1.50 blocks of mushroom compost and 4kg boxes of mushroom cups for $20 or if you aren’t mushy mad like me you can get 1kg for $6. That’s like $5 under what you would pay in a major grocery chain and they are so fresh! Amazing. Turn into the driveway and follow the signs.

Bundaberg Roses at 1291 Moore Park Road

1291 Moore Park Road | Bundaberg, Queensland, 4670

Next stop is Bundaberg Roses, famous for their delightful buds in bloom and not just roses, they have gerbras too! Pink, yellow, orange, red, cream, white – you name it they have it! Bunches start as low as $7 cut fresh direct from the farm and they are open at 1291 Moore Park Road from 7am to 5:30pm daily. Keep an eye out for the sign and head into the driveway and follow the signs for parking.

Farm Gate Stall at 1267 Moore Park Road

1267 Moore Park Road | Bundaberg, Queensland, 4670

At 1267 Moore Park Road you will find herbs, honey, tomatoes, capsicums, sweet potatoes – look out for the chalkboard sign and flag which is promoting what seasonal produce they have in stock. This is an honesty box system and a little alarm alerts as you walk in the hut.

When you pull out again take in the vistas of sweet potatoes growing in the ground (they can take up to 7 months to mature, so they are in there nearly year-round) and Rosengal on the left hand side, headed up by Dave Galati is a very meticulous bean grower who sell a little locally, but there is no farm gate stop here. You might spy through the trees rows of their green, yellow, borlotti or flat beans thriving in the rich red soil. Check out Dave’s farmer profile on our Farmers page.

Farm Gate Stall - KCS Fresh at 735 Moore Park Road

735 Moore Park Road | Bundaberg, Queensland, 4670

At 735 Moore Park Road you will find the Grima family farm gate who grow under KCS Fresh. You can view their farmer profile on our Farmers page, but I ran into Kev restocking the stall when I popped by for a visit. This is one special farm gate with rarities such as spaghetti squash (a delicious, low carb pasta substitute), red and normal sweet potatoes, micro-herbs in little pots for $2, bags of fresh spinach, rocket and lettuce mix for $3 (check the esky underneath the shelf). When you glance past the farm gate stop, you will see the rocket, baby spinach and lettuce growing in the fields behind you! Amazing.

Farm Gate Stall at 499 Moore Park Road

499 Moore Park Road | Welcome Creek, Queensland, 4670

There is a small farm gate next on the corner just before Boogan Road which has tomatoes for $2 per kilo and grapes for $4 per kilo when they are in season.

That about does the farm gates on this road, but if you continue along you will reach Moore Park, a beachside suburb with over 20 kilometers of beaches to explore. There is a small grocery store, petrol station and other key amenities here too.

Farm Gate Stall - Bundy Limes at 132 Booloongie Road

132 Booloongie Road | Gooburrum, Queensland, 4670

On your return trip, make sure you detour off Moore Park Road and turn right onto Booloongie Road which is home to Bundy Limes farm gate, located at 132 Booloongie Road. There you can find their delicious Tahitian limes and sometimes seasonal produce from around the region.

Farm Gate Stall - MR B Fresh at 743 Rosedale Road

743 Rosedale Road | Meadowvale, Queensland, 4670

From Booloongie Road, turn right onto Rosedale Road and head to MR B Fresh to fill any produce gaps you might still have, they are diverse farmers of many different types of produce at 743 Rosedale Road.

SSS Strawberries at 11 Rosedale Road

11 Rosedale Road | Oakwood, Queensland, 4670

On the return trip back to Bundaberg from MRB Fresh stop in at SSS Strawberries at 11 Rosedale Road (season usually runs late May to early October) where you can pick your own in the patch out the front, or pick up 250g, 500g and 1kg punnets and seconds (for jams etc). These guys are strawberry pioneers in the region and it’s most likely a SSS strawberry you are eating if you buy from a major chain store. They plant over 1 million plants a year!

The Chop Shop at 68 MT Perry Road

68 MT Perry Road | Bundaberg, Queensland, 4670

On the way back to Bundaberg, you will pass two shops on the right on the way back, The Chop Shop where you can pick up the best smoked goods, bacon, wurst, chicken breast (be sure to ask for the Duck Ham).

Last stop Convenience at 1/68 Mt Perry Road

1/68 Mt Perry Road | Bundaberg, Queensland, 4670

Also on the way back to Bundaberg city, you will pass Last Stop Convenience – both of which stock and support as local as they can.

Forage away, tuck in and create something special!

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