A 10 day food festival, bursting
with authentic farm gate to plate experiences in the Bundaberg,
North Burnett Region Queensland.
Alloway Farm Market at 3 Bingera Street

3 Bingera Street | Bundaberg, Qld

Alloway Farm Market at 3 Bingera Street, Bundaberg (recently opened a new store in the Bundaberg CBD) uses locally roasted coffee from Tom at Barking Dog, freshly squeezed OJ and a nice selection of treats to take on the road.

They also have a good array of local produce that you can purchase in one spot so it’s a good first stop on this foraging trip. Well fueled and hydrated to keep you going!

Tender Sprouted Meats at 55 Watson St

3 Bingera Street | Bundaberg, Qld

Rob and Sarah Cook define the meaning of farm to fork. Raising their Brahmans' about 30km away from where they are eventually sold in their butcher Tender Sprouted Meats.
The beef is fully finished on barley grain and the top tip is to try their 28 day aged t-bone. Pop in for your meaty needs.

Learmonths Foodworks at 56 Walker St

56 Walker St | Bundaberg, Qld

Head out of town via Barolin Street, you will spot Foodworks (56 Walker St) on the left who are home to lots of local suppliers (over 30 at last count).

You will find Jimmy in the fresh fruit and veg section lovingly restocking and checking up on the delicious and best produce you will find.

4680 Goodwood Road

4680 Goodwood Road, Alloway | Bundaberg, Qld

Now it’s starting to get a little less urban, in melon season at 4680 Goodwood Road you will find a big tub of seedless watermelons, they are cheap, juicy and delicious.

Make sure you stop by for one if it’s the right time of year (November to January).

Macadamias Australia at 4625 Goodwood Road

4625 Goodwood Road, Alloway | Bundaberg, Qld

At 4625 Goodwood Road you will find the holy grail of Macadamias – Macadamia’s Australia. Run by the Steinhardt family for generations and fast-growing to be one of the macadamia powerhouses in Australia, they have a great farm gate at the office with their oil, honey and eight (8) different varieties like choc coated, lemon myrtle, honey roasted and more! Open from 8:30 to 5pm daily.

Austchilli at 4496 Goodwood Road

4496 Goodwood Road, Alloway | Bundaberg, Qld

Austchilli at 4496 Goodwood Road, are another major manufacturer of fresh chillis, avofresh products and purees such as chilli, herbs & spices, vegetables, fruit and more. All grown and manufactured here along this patch of road! You can’t visit their headquarters but it’s nice to know they are there and that’s why there are so many chilli plants in the ground around this area!

Red Ridge Produce at 1 Alloway Siding Rd

1 Alloway Siding Road, Alloway | Bundaberg, Qld

Alloway Farm Market’s original spot at 1 Alloway Siding Road is still a great stop off for fresh fruit and veg, chutney and of course their specalised year-round figs. This is the home of Red Ridge produce and there is lots of variety in the store. Open 7 days from 7am to 5pm.

You will pass rows of red cockscomb or other seasonal flowers on the left, poly-tunnels housing figs, rows of macadamia trees and avocados along this patch of road – it’s really a great example of the sheer abundance and diversity of produce in the region.

Nashy’s Fruit and Vegetables at 3853 Goodwood Road

3853 Goodwood Road | Bundaberg, Qld

3853 Goodwood Road is home to Nashy’s Fruit and Vegetables, a seasonal stall open only when they have produce available so check the sign, it’s open 7am to 5pm and avocados are their specialty! They also have strawberries, lemons, snowpeas and lemons – mostly available from May onwards. Drive to about mid-way down the driveway and follow the hand painted sign into the farm gate. Big bags of avo’s for $3!

1838 Goodwood Road

1838 Goodwood Road | Goodwood, Qld

You will now drive for about 15 minutes without spotting any roadside stalls, but enjoy the bush scenery... and as you near the Woodgate turnoff and Childers you will find at 1838 Goodwood Road $1.50 bags of sweet potatoes and $2 bags of avocados. Sweet potatoes available nearly year-round and avocados April to Novemberish.

The Hollow Log at 34 Woodgate Road

34 Woodgate Road | Goodwood, Qld

Turn to your next left onto Woodgate Road and on your near first-right is The Hollow Log at 34 Woodgate Road. Here you will find a nice variety of local produce including strawberries, snowpeas, potato, pumpkin, citrus, honey and more. You can continue down Woodgate Road to visit the gorgeous stretch of beach and have a little road trip break or head back on your foraging path towards Childers.

Simpson Farms - Goodwood Plantation at 1721 Goodwood Road

1721 Goodwood Road | Childers, Qld

As you are now completely in avocado orchard country, another big farming organisation to note (with it’s roots firmly steeped in local history and heritage) is Simpson Farms.
Their “Goodwood Plantation” is located at 1721 Goodwood Road and they are Australia’s largest avocado orchard and processing facility. You can grab Simpson avo’s all over the place throughout the region and on the menu at Indulge.

Mammino Ice Cream at 115 Lucketts Road

115 Lucketts Road | Childers, Qld

You have now reached the back of Childers and I reckon it’s nearly ice-cream time! Pop into the Doolbi Fiveways stall at 4 Mammino’s Road first and then head up Lucketts Road to Mammino Gourmet Ice-Cream. The family and the ice-cream are a local institution and a must try while here. There are over 20 flavours to choose from and a take home pack can be shared in the car if needed! There is a spot to sit there and have a break before heading back on the road.

Ohana Winery at 1 Cottonwood Close

1 Cottonwood Close | Childers, Qld

The return trip is also full of potential stop offs, Ohana Winery (1 Cottonwood Close) use lots of local products from their farm and others in wines and liquers and preserves – after heading up this road you will join the Bruce highway by going right back into Childers.

There is the Childers Historical Village, Military Museum, Childers Art Gallery, Paragon Theatre, Old Pharmacy and much more to check out in Childers CBD.
Otherwise you can stay on the highway where you will see sugar cane, pumpkins, macadamias lining the roadways and the trademark rows and red dirt that characterises this area.

Mango Paradise Bed & Barra at 3957 Isis Highway

3957 Isis Highway | Childers, Qld

Mango Paradise Bed & Barra at 3957 Isis Highway, Childers is marked with a blue B&B sign – be careful or you will miss it! It’s a right turn and at the end you will find a huge fish farm, mangoes and a small farm gate shop with Jan’s preserves.

Springhaven Meadows at 804 Pine Creek Road

804 Pine Creek Road | Givelda, Qld

As you near Bundaberg you will see a sign on the left to take Pine Creek Road – if you love bananas and want some really delicious, fresh ones – Springhaven Meadows are at 804 Pine Creek Road and have a roadside stall. A little detour but worth it!

Tinaberries at 15 Zinks Rd

Tinaberries 15 Zinks Rd | Elliott Heads, Qld

You will be nearly back to Bundaberg by now, and you can either turn right to take the Ring Road and explore Elliot Heads, Coral Cove, Innes Park and Bargara or head back to the CBD.

Arguably Bundaberg's best and biggest strawberries can be found at Tinaberries, 15 Zinks Road with farm gate open daily from 8:30 to 5pm.

Jams and punnets of strawberries are available, including seconds to make your own jam and pick your own happens towards the end of the season and is a must-do with the kids.

Check their Facebook page for updates.

Austchilli Chilli

4496 Goodwood Rd., Alloway QLD 4670 | Bundaberg, Queensland, 4670

For full product list, visit the Austchilli website for full details on products - www.austchilli.com.au

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